Account & Profile

Q – How can I register myself on homeonline.com ?
​A -  Easy. Follow the steps below:               
     • On the homepage click on Login Now.
     • Fill all * marked fields, submit the New User – Register Now form

Q : What are the charges to resister on homeonline.com ?
A : No charges, registration is absolutely free.   

Q: How can I change the Password?
A: To change your password, follow these simple steps:
      • Click on the Login Now link given on the top of the page.
      • Click on the Forgot password link.
      • You may fill in either your registered username or email ID.
      • A Password Reset Link will be mailed to your email ID.
           From there you can reset your password.   

Q: Can I create a new account using the same mobile number and email ID as in my previous account?
A: No, only unique email ID and mobile number can be used in one account for registering on website.
But these can be used as alternate mobile number and email ID after creating the new profile.

Q: Can I use same Mobile Number and Email ID after deactivating the old account?
A: Yes, you can use the mobile number but Email ID cannot be used again for creating new account on homeonline.com.com. You can use the Email ID as alternate Email ID for receiving communications.   

Q: What is the procedure to deactivate the account?
A: A written Email from registered Email ID only can be sent on [email protected]. You can also call on our helpline number  9899006413 from your registered mobile number only. You can also submit feedback on website.  

Q: Can the profile be changed as Agent/Broker or Builder/Developer by calling from different number?
A: No, to change the profile type, please send a mail on [email protected] from your registered Email ID only. You can also submit feedback on website.  

Q: How can I add / edit my login details?
• To add / edit your company details, click on "Profile" tab.     
• Next, click on "Edit Login Details" on the left hand side.     
• Add/ edit the details you wish to and click on Save & Continue tab.

Q: How can I add / edit my profile photo?
• To add / edit your profile photo, click on "Profile" tab.
• Next, click on "Manage Profile Photo" on the left hand side.
• Add/ edit the details you wish to and click on Save & Continue tab.


Q – How do is search for property?
A – Follow the steps below: Go to homeonline.com Choose 'Buy' or 'Rent' or ‘New Project’ according to your requirement Enter City, property type, keyword (if any) Click on 'Search'  

Q – How can I post my property for sell or rent on homeonline.com?
A –  You can do so by following athe steps mentioned below:
     Sign up on your homeonline.com account Click on Post Property for Sale or Rent Enter all the details of your property in the form Add property photos for better response Click on submit  

Q – Can I search agent or builder on homeonline.com?
A – On homeonline.com, you can search for properties at the same time you can also look for specific agent and builder in the location as per your requirement.

Q - How can I monitor my activity?
A – Homeonline.com is having a feature of ‘my activity’, while searching for the property you can Talk to the expert Compare properties Shortlist your properties Email the shortlist property.

Q- My property will be live for how many days?
A – Your property will be live for 60 day and before it expires we will send you the reminder mail to revive your listing.   

Q- After posting the property, how will I know if someone is interest in my property?
A – You will receive the response via the following:
       • Email: Every time the potential buyer is interested in your property, you will get the  notification in your mail with basic details like name, phone no. and email id of the buyer.
       • SMS: You will receive an SMS every time the potential buyer shows interest on your property